Friday, March 4, 2011

Next Round

I am on my way back to Denver for a transition week and then off to Round 3.  For Round 3 I will be going to Hodgen, Oklahoma to work with the USDA Forest Service, Oklahoma Ranger District.  My team will be assisting in several major and minor trail projects, vista maintenance on a 44 mile scenic drive, helping conduct animal surveys, and preparing for prescribed burns. 

We will be working in an area with over 200 miles of trails that people use for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and off road vehicles.  The vistas are open to the public as a part of the scenic byway, so we will be trimming brush, mowing open area,s removing litter, and repairing benches and signs in these areas.  We will also help with minor campground maintenance, so basically a little yard work around the campsites.

One of the most useful things we will receive while working there through training will be certification as "Leave No Trace" trainers.  It is a shortened version of the Master course, where we will receive introductory training in Leave No Trace skills and ethics in a condensed two-day format. The Trainer Course will teach us about the seven principles of Leave No Trace and techniques for disseminating these low impact skills.  As we go through the training, I will definitely share more about it.

Unfortunately because of our location, I will not be taking my computer, so my blog access will be limited.  I will try and get the word out before hand of my new address.  As for my blog, I will write when I can, but have no fears I am going to make an attempt at journaling (in my beautiful book Madison made for me)!